Relaxing Days in Colorful Lisbon – 2

Lisbon also has a name of “City of Seven Hills”, yes, it’s very hilly. When I got off at Baixa station the first time, I was totally lost. Luckily, I bought 7 day data plan sim card on my phone, looking at the map was not helpful, I had to use google navigation! Such a short distance on the map could mean a very steep uphill. It has great weather though. Although my photography tour guide told me it was unusual to have such August weather in June, the air was not humid, which was good news for tourists.

Great city view from Castelo de São Jorge:

More amazing view at the bottom of the castle, overlooking Alfama and the Tejo river:

Famous Tram that takes tourists up the hill:

Alfama, the oldest district of Lisbon:

I spent 6 days in Portugal, a beautiful, peaceful, and friendly country. Reception at hotel was trying to help in every possible way; waiter in restaurant would remind me to wear backpack on the front, etc. What can I ask more for a vacation?

Day Trip to Sintra Portugal

Other than the main tourist attractions in the city, day trip always excites me. Somewhere away from the city centre, some place more peaceful, something that’s very different. I went to Sintra, and it’s only 30 mins train ride from Lisbon.

Moorish Castle, a hint of Beijing’s Great Wall.

Pena National Palace, beautiful exterior colors, exquisite interior details.

After waiting for an hour for the bus, and another 40 minutes bus ride, I arrived at Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Portugal and Europe. Breathtaking scenery, I couldn’t resist of a photo! It would be nice if I could stay to shoot the sunset, but the last bus to leave was at 9pm. Maybe next time!

Unique Experiences in Lisbon

I have tried some special activities during my solo trip in Portugal: baking class with Cooking Lisbon, and a night photography tour with Lisbon Photo.

First up, the baking class with Cooking Lisbon. Small group, friendly chef, great space, clear instructions, hands-on experiences. If you love cooking, please leave half day for this unique experience.

Cooking space:

Eating space:

Super nice chef:



Secondly, four hour night photo tour with Miguel from Lisbon Photo. Private tour, great photo spots, with history and story behind them, we shoot from 8pm to 12am! If you love photography, this is a must have!

Chiado at night

Relaxing Days in Colorful Lisbon – 1

After a quick shopping trip in the morning at Covent Garden in London, I rushed to Gatwick airport and flied to Lisbon, Portugal. And this has been waiting for me:

During my 6 days of stay in Portugal, the weather has been sunny and cloudless like this every single day. As a Torontonian, who suffered two polar vortex winter and cool summers, I couldn’t ask for more!

Well, let’s start with some attractions:

Belem Tower

Padrão dos Descobrimentos
Padrão dos Descobrimentos

Jerónimos Monastery

Maybe you’ve visited hundreds of museums, but I bet Coach museum and Tiles museum is not one of them. I am not a museum person, however, I enjoyed every moment of these two:

While in the area, one simply cannot miss the famous Pastéis de Belém, started in 1837. Don’t line up for take out, have a seat, and enjoy the custard tart with a glass of lemonade, or beer.