Unique Experiences in Lisbon

I have tried some special activities during my solo trip in Portugal: baking class with Cooking Lisbon, and a night photography tour with Lisbon Photo.

First up, the baking class with Cooking Lisbon. Small group, friendly chef, great space, clear instructions, hands-on experiences. If you love cooking, please leave half day for this unique experience.

Cooking space:

Eating space:

Super nice chef:



Secondly, four hour night photo tour with Miguel from Lisbon Photo. Private tour, great photo spots, with history and story behind them, we shoot from 8pm to 12am! If you love photography, this is a must have!

Chiado at night

2 1/2 days in London UK

One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things. – Henry Miller

I am back from my third solo trip!
It was a short stay in London, because I decided to spend most of my time in Portugal. But I underestimated its charm, I’ll definitely return in the future. Although it drizzles a little bit every morning, I still loved it. Here are some highlights of my time in London:

I booked a Secret Food Tour London after learning my flight was on time, because my flight was schedule to arrive Gatwick airport at 7:50am, and the tour was scheduled to start at 11am at London Bridge station. After dropping off my luggage at airbnb place, I met with the tour leader Raj and 2 other people, and started our food tour at Borough Market.

Boston Sausage, I wish I could bring some back to Canada. It was very tasty, although mustard was a little bit overpowering.
Fish and chips, the most fresh fish fillet that I ever ate.

Ale and pie, very tasty steak pie.

Oyster, torched seaweed butter oyster.

And there were more, cheese and wine, English tea with dessert. I am glad I joined the tour, I didn’t have to spend time on deciding which food to try. Cost: 60 pound.


Phone booth:

Changing of Guards at Buckingham Palace:

As my love for handcrafts, any handmade items were easily capturing my interests, from kitchen items made of juniper, to leather journal, to fabric arts…I love Covent Garden Market!




I would go back in a heartbeat, I haven’t visited the famous portobello market yet.

Toronto Christmas Market

因为我比较喜欢室外的landscape摄影,在冬天,我对摄影的热情如同气温一样,降到了0度。 今年决定不要再懒惰,一定要练习一下冬天夜景摄影。 多伦多酿酒区每年12月份都会举办圣诞集市, 有圣诞舞台, 圣诞树, 各种传统工艺, 色彩缤纷的灯光。

想练习让灯光虚幻的照片, 研究了好久, 终于拍出来了, 但是不知道做得是否正确:

寒冷的夜晚, 三脚架不小心设置低了:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


一直想学夜晚摄影,一直懒。 前段时间在meetup.com上看到了这个workshop,正合我意,于是报名参加了。 三脚架和广角镜头是必需的。 去年参加过一次这个老师的workshop,觉得质量不错,没有什么废话,他真的是把自己知道的知识都告诉你,然后让你一边练习,一边在旁指导。 对于我这种拿着三角架在街头独自摆弄有心理障碍的人来说,有另外15个人和我一起拿着三角架在街边摆弄可要好多了。 整个workshop两个小时,我们只在king street west附近,没有走很远。 最搞笑的是,整个晚上,因为我们15个人都拿着三角架和单反相机站在街边,路过的人们以为有什么明星到来,纷纷过来询问。 我们只能很遗憾的回一句,不是哩,我们只是在上摄影课。