More Than a Yardage Sale

Last Friday, I took a day off and went to the annual fabric sale of Textile Museum. It starts at 11am. My friend and I got there at 10:30am, and the lineup was pretty long already. The worst feeling was everyone had several shopping bags in their hands. We’ve got nothing. LOL…I admit, it’s our first time to check this sale out…


Here’s the lineup:


At the entrance of the museum, it’s the yarn and cross stitch section. People were busy browsing:


Second floor, it’s the fabric, beads, and books section. I was so overwhelmed by the crowd, and surprised by the selection and pricing. It was chaos!


When I was checking out at the cashier, I asked the volunteer was it like this every year? The answer is YES. I am sure I’ll come back next year!

After the fabric sale, we went to this leather supply shop on Spadina Ave. We loved there, the smell, the feel, now, it would be great if they eventually turn into products! My friend is browsing the leather pieces:



The day ended with some fresh oysters at Distillery District. Okay, we were super tired, because we were carrying several pounds of fabric and leather pieces! Next year, we will take a luggage case…


First Time Snowshoeing

The entire month of February was below 0 degrees. Last Sunday, Toronto had the warmest day in weeks, day time high is -4 Celsius, when you had experienced -20 Celsius for a period of time, a day of -4 Celsius feels like SPRING. We decided to go into the woods, and try out snowshoeing. York region has quite a few forest trails, not too far from where I live, about 15 minutes drive. It was first time for both of us. The parking lot was quite full, people were busy unloading cross country ski, snowshoes, or their dogs, trying to enjoy the warm weather.


Nature never disappoints you. The trail was beautiful and peaceful. With the snowshoes, it was actually easier to walk, and we could walk all over the place, off the trail, up to the small hills, etc. OK, I had to use the compass app on my cell phone to make sure we were heading the right direction at the end. It’s much more interesting than hiking in summer time. Hopefully, we can enjoy more in March!



New Artwork

Ever since I read about Jessica Rae Sommers from AM Dolce Vita, one of the interior design bloggers I follow, I just couldn’t resist her portraits artwork. They are modern, expressive, with a hint of fashion illustration. Just simply beautiful! I appreciate those shading details so much because I know it takes years of practice to get them right…

It took me a while to decide which one to get, I finally decided on Wednesday, although I think her “Face for NYC” is far more famous. I gotta choose one that speaks to me, right? After a week of waiting, it came in a tube. The paper quality was good, and the artwork itself looks even more vivid than on my LCD monitor. I have this floating frame I bought from Black’s several years ago, and it’s been sitting around since I moved in because I couldn’t find a nice print/photo for it. Now, I think they look fantastic together.

The view out of my bedroom window on Sunday with gentle morning sun..


周末第二次尝试做手工皂. 这次构思了两种: 第一种里面加麦片; 第二种里面加干薰衣草.
这次还是用得来自英国的乳油木果脂皂基: Stephenson Personal Care Shea Butter Soap Base.
1. 先把皂基切成小块, 很累的活:
Shea Butter Soap Base

2. 放微波炉加热, 每30秒拿出来看看, 容器上要盖一层保鲜膜保持湿度; 全部溶解后, 加一汤匙麦片进去, 然后加10滴香精油, 这次选了Tea Time:
Melting soap base

3. 马上倒入模具:
Pour Soap Into Mold

4. 出模后很有卖象, 而且Tea Time香精油的味道配上乳白色, 让人觉得档次提高了两个台阶:
Final Oatmeal Shea Butter Soap

薰衣草乳油木果脂皂完全一样的步骤, 不过用了同事送得干薰衣草和薰衣草精油:
Lavender Oil