Cabbagetown Private Garden Tour

The past Sunday, I joined Hidden Gardens & Private Spaces Tour of Cabbagetown in Toronto. It was ashamed that I’ve never visited this neighbourhood before even though I’ve been living in Toronto for 15+ years. It was a very nice day out visiting some beautiful and lovely private gardens. I am sure this won’t be the last time I visit it.

First up, container gardening, vegetables in containers, totally my cup of tea:

BEAUTIFUL purple double clematis, it was stunning, I’ve been trying to have one of these in my garden:

Seems so effortless, yet very thoughtful:

Quiet zen water garden, my favourite too:

A small collection of succulents:

Vertical wall garden, the container bags are actually made of felt fabric:

Formal garden for a corner house:

Informal garden for the same house, a group of people were playing “Take Five”:

And finally, a rooftop garden:

What I’ve learned from the tour is that gardening takes TIME and PATIENCE, a lot of patience. Some of the owners showed us the picture of the same garden 10 years ago, and how they slowly built it. My garden has a long way to go…

More Than a Yardage Sale

Last Friday, I took a day off and went to the annual fabric sale of Textile Museum. It starts at 11am. My friend and I got there at 10:30am, and the lineup was pretty long already. The worst feeling was everyone had several shopping bags in their hands. We’ve got nothing. LOL…I admit, it’s our first time to check this sale out…


Here’s the lineup:


At the entrance of the museum, it’s the yarn and cross stitch section. People were busy browsing:


Second floor, it’s the fabric, beads, and books section. I was so overwhelmed by the crowd, and surprised by the selection and pricing. It was chaos!


When I was checking out at the cashier, I asked the volunteer was it like this every year? The answer is YES. I am sure I’ll come back next year!

After the fabric sale, we went to this leather supply shop on Spadina Ave. We loved there, the smell, the feel, now, it would be great if they eventually turn into products! My friend is browsing the leather pieces:



The day ended with some fresh oysters at Distillery District. Okay, we were super tired, because we were carrying several pounds of fabric and leather pieces! Next year, we will take a luggage case…