What Kind of Lifestyle Do You Want?

I came across this blog Go Curry Cracker recently, it’s about a couple sharing their early retirement story. By early retirement, I mean really early, in their 30s. Their story is inspiring, and makes me to rethink about my lifestyle. I guess their lifestyle may not be suitable for everyone, but certainly is much more interesting than most of us.

I took a closer look at how they did it:

1. Maximize your income
– I guess I am not really maximizing it yet. I know that I would’ve found a better paid job in the market now, but the current job’s 20 minutes commute beat them all.
Ways to make additional money: going to evaluate these possibilities.

2. Live well below your means
– The top three categories of expenses are on housing, transportation, and food. Go Curry Cracker couple saved a tons of money by living in a small rental apartment, biking everywhere, and cooking their own meal.
– I checked there’s no small apartment for rent around my workplace. It’s Canada, with 5 month of winter, probably I won’t be able to bike everywhere. Out of these three categories, I guess I am only doing the cooking part.

The rest of the plan is to invest the difference and wait patiently. Not sure if I can ever achieve what they achieved, but hey, it’s always good to have a goal!


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