First Time Snowshoeing

The entire month of February was below 0 degrees. Last Sunday, Toronto had the warmest day in weeks, day time high is -4 Celsius, when you had experienced -20 Celsius for a period of time, a day of -4 Celsius feels like SPRING. We decided to go into the woods, and try out snowshoeing. York region has quite a few forest trails, not too far from where I live, about 15 minutes drive. It was first time for both of us. The parking lot was quite full, people were busy unloading cross country ski, snowshoes, or their dogs, trying to enjoy the warm weather.


Nature never disappoints you. The trail was beautiful and peaceful. With the snowshoes, it was actually easier to walk, and we could walk all over the place, off the trail, up to the small hills, etc. OK, I had to use the compass app on my cell phone to make sure we were heading the right direction at the end. It’s much more interesting than hiking in summer time. Hopefully, we can enjoy more in March!




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