New Artwork

Ever since I read about Jessica Rae Sommers from AM Dolce Vita, one of the interior design bloggers I follow, I just couldn’t resist her portraits artwork. They are modern, expressive, with a hint of fashion illustration. Just simply beautiful! I appreciate those shading details so much because I know it takes years of practice to get them right…

It took me a while to decide which one to get, I finally decided on Wednesday, although I think her “Face for NYC” is far more famous. I gotta choose one that speaks to me, right? After a week of waiting, it came in a tube. The paper quality was good, and the artwork itself looks even more vivid than on my LCD monitor. I have this floating frame I bought from Black’s several years ago, and it’s been sitting around since I moved in because I couldn’t find a nice print/photo for it. Now, I think they look fantastic together.

The view out of my bedroom window on Sunday with gentle morning sun..


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