An End to Home Decoration?

Ever since I bought my own place, I started this never-ending process of decorating it. Without much confidence, I decided to take an interior decoration part time course at local college two years ago. It was a 12 week non-credit course for personal interest only, meaning you cannot really go for professional career with this course alone. Anyways, the course was very helpful. It gave me a big picture of the overall process, and then a brief summary for each design concept/component.

Since then, I repainted some of my rooms, and added a few decoration items. However, buying home decoration items have been slow and painful for me.
Buying used: I am not the type of person who shops on kijiji a lot. I have this uneasy feeling that I am obligated to buy once I visit the seller, unless it’s something trivial, ie: garden planters.
Buying new online: I also have problem buying them online. I would definitely prefer seeing the item in person before buying it to avoid any kind of disappointment. Last summer, I bought this abstract wall art from, when I received the item, somehow it just didn’t give me that same feeling as when I saw it on my monitor, but it’s not too bad.
Buying new in-store: I have this feeling that if I go out to shop for a specific decoration item, 98% of the time will come home empty handed. Some of the best items I bought happened to be during a shopping trip with completely different goal. The fact that I don’t do a lot of window shopping just reduces that probability by a further 90%.

One’s home only has limited walls to hang arts, or limited space to decorate. I always wonder, what if I find a new item that I love for this wall? what do I do with the old piece? store them in basement or sell them online? ahhh….


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