Art Journaling – Second Try

Two years ago, I tried this online workshop called Draw Happy, simply because of its tagline: If you’ve ever said “I can’t draw!”, it’s time to join the Draw Happy revolution…It didn’t go very well. After I went through the workshop videos, I gave up art journaling, simply because I just wasn’t trained or raised doing things like that, aka, lack of creativity training.

Before I came to Canada at the age of 16, my childhood was just endless homework, tests, practice exams, official exams; arts/music lessons were cancelled for exam preparations; ok, occasionally had some degree of relaxation and fun. However, compare to the school life of Chinese children nowadays, I consider mine wasn’t that bad already. In my memory, I’ve never had an art lesson where the teacher said, use your imagination, and draw anything you want, or use any color you want. Never.

During the New Year, Jane’s workshop Supplies Me! was having a sale. I decided to give it a second try. Well, did I really want to give art journaling a second try? or was it just too hard to pass the sale? Maybe it was a little bit both! On the weekend, I got a few art supplies from Curry’s; I am hoping in the next few month, I will not be afraid of doodling anymore.


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