Library Visit

I haven’t read a fiction book in ages, not sure why. Last book I borrowed from my local library was “A Travel Guide to Life” by Anthony DeStefano. Guess how many times I’ve renewed this book? A total of 6 times, each time is 3 weeks duration. I remembered there was a limit (3 or 4) on the number of times you could renew a book, but somehow I was able to renew it 6 times. Have you ever borrowed a book, then just let it sit there till due date? Or tried your very best to read it the night before its due date? Oh well, that was the reason I needed to renew it 6 times. I know it’s bad. But, I did finish the book!

I dropped by library on the way home today to return it, and at the mean time, hoping to pick up something new, anything interesting. Without a specific book in mind, that I know the library has it, it was hard; with my heavy winter jacket (-10°C outside) on, browsing through all the books on the shelf was even harder. I tried a few fiction books on the “New & Popular” shelf, their sizes are a bit overwhelming. Sometimes, I really miss working downtown, which means the quiet two hour commute time or reading time. Eventually, I found a book I want to read, a non-fiction again: “Design: A Crash Course” by Paul Clark. Yeah, a crash course, I need that.

Do you know which book to pick up when you visit your library?


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