2013 Seoul Trip – Day 1

上午: 上海虹桥直飞首尔金浦
下午: 明洞闲逛

Oct 22, 2013
Morning: Shanghai Hongqiao -> Seoul Gimpo
Afternoon: Walk around Myeongdong

早上8:20的飞机由上海虹桥出发,1小时40分钟,顺利抵达首尔金浦机场,还在等候入境,就看到了这张有着杀死人的笑容迎接的海报! 张根硕,由看《原来是美男》后喜欢他,但是我自己也很奇怪,他完全不是我的类型,无语中,不过对他的笑容还是非常受落的。

Departed from Shanghai Hongqiao airport at 8:20am, after 1 hour 40 mins, we arrived at Seoul Gimpo airport. While still waiting for the immigration, I saw his killer smile giant poster. Jang Keun Suk, started to like him after k-drama “You’re Beautiful”, but he’s not even my type, oh well, still love to see his smile though.

1. 到olleh柜台,租用了无线上网路由器: wifi egg。 非常可爱的名字,哈哈。 租用它主要是为了上网查找信息,GPS,最后才是twitter/weibo 分享。 如果用普通Visa,租金为8000韩币一天;但是如果用中国的银联卡,租金则为6500韩币一天。 我果断刷了我姨妈的银联卡。
2. 去银行换钱,机场的兑换率是有点坑爹,不过没办法,我需要现金买地铁卡。 事先做好功课,用美金比加币划算,所以这次只带了美金出来。 还好,银行里的外币兑换表,连加币的影子都看不到。 首先换了300美金(一人100美金),1:1020,我钱包里一下装了30万6千。。。。韩币。
3. 拿着现金去便利店买T-money卡,也就是地铁卡。 还好韩国的地铁卡叫做T-money卡,店员一句英文都不会,全程用一张有中文英文日文的对话表格和我沟通。 买好T-money卡后,我才知道,原来这张卡要3000韩币,不过里面没钱,店员指着她的对话表格里的其中一句,问我要不要充值,我说要,然后给我的3张卡每张充了4000韩币。

After immigration, I got the following done:
1. Rented a portable wifi router at olleh counter. I needed it for finding places online, GPS, twitter/weibo sharing, contacting friends/family. One interesting thing, if you use regular credit card, it’s 8000 won/day; if you use China’s Unionpay card, it’s 6500 won/day. So I asked my aunt to use her Unionpay card.
2. Exchanged 300 USD at the bank. Rate sucks at 1:1020, but I got no choice. My wallet instantly had 306000……won in it.
3. Bought 3 T-money cards at a convenient store, 3000 won each. Without any English words, the staff was pointing to a English/Chinese/Japanese dialog asking me how much I want to load on each T-money card. I realized then, oh, 3000 won is only buying the card, just like the presto card in Toronto, or the subway card in Shanghai. Loaded 4000 won on each card.

接着找到机场快线,然后在弘益大学转2号地铁到乙支路3街站出来。 酒店在清溪川的旁边,所以找到清溪川后,很快就看到了我们的酒店,比我想象中的要漂亮哇! 安顿好后,拿上手机和wifi egg,直奔明洞。 询问过旅游义工天使后,首先找了一家小食店医肚: 紫菜包饭。 其实我还是第一次吃韩国的紫菜包饭,虽然和日本的寿司是同一个概念,但是味道和感觉都非常不同。 寿司是比较精致和小巧,紫菜包饭比较粗糙和大条,不过味道还是非常不错的,因为里面包了多种食物。

I then found the airport express line, and transferred to line 2 at Hongik University station, exited at Euljiro 3-ga station. Our hotel supposed to be just beside Cheonggyecheon, no surprise, I found our hotel after seeing Cheonggyecheon! After checked in, we headed to Myeongdong. I was starving by then. It was so nice to have those volunteers standing there and helping out tourists, with Chinese/Japanese/English languages, they suggested a small snack food bar. I ordered kimbap, similar idea to sushi, but it’s a lot bigger. It was actually my first time to eat it, it felt very different than sushi, but it tasted pretty good!


吃饱后,先选择了在自然乐园Nature Republic下手,因为他们的芦荟胶很出名, 加上店员热情的中文解释和服务。
After a short walk, we got a full bag of skin care products from Nature Republic, thanks to their staffs’ knowledgeable help, including a few Jang Keun Suk items!


把东西放回酒店后, 我们去了东大门。 穷游网上对东大门的评论参差不齐, 有人说没什么买的, 有人说买到手软, 我对在东大门买衣服也不是很看好。 第一, 款式可能不太合适多伦多了; 第二, 好像需要懂韩语比较好讲价。 最后选择了逛doota, 起码不需要讲价,而且可以退税。 在我意料之中, 没看中啥, 也没买到啥。 也不错啦, 钱包没伤到!

After dropping the bag off at the hotel, we headed to Dongdaemun! I wasn’t too optimistic about shopping for cloth at Dongdaemun. First, the style might not be suitable for Toronto; secondly, without knowing any Korean, it would be hard to negotiate price at Dongdaemun. So I chose doota, since their price is not negotiable, and it has tax refund. However, it turned out to be a disappointment. That’s ok, a good pat on my wallet.
That was it for our first day in Seoul! It went pretty well!


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