First Time Snowshoeing

The entire month of February was below 0 degrees. Last Sunday, Toronto had the warmest day in weeks, day time high is -4 Celsius, when you had experienced -20 Celsius for a period of time, a day of -4 Celsius feels like SPRING. We decided to go into the woods, and try out snowshoeing. York region has quite a few forest trails, not too far from where I live, about 15 minutes drive. It was first time for both of us. The parking lot was quite full, people were busy unloading cross country ski, snowshoes, or their dogs, trying to enjoy the warm weather.


Nature never disappoints you. The trail was beautiful and peaceful. With the snowshoes, it was actually easier to walk, and we could walk all over the place, off the trail, up to the small hills, etc. OK, I had to use the compass app on my cell phone to make sure we were heading the right direction at the end. It’s much more interesting than hiking in summer time. Hopefully, we can enjoy more in March!



Polar Vortex in Toronto

First long weekend of the year, family day, Toronto has the coldest day of this winter: -26 Celsius, feeling like -41 with windchill.


With the global warming trend, it was hard to believe that my city could be in deep freeze continuously for a long period of time. Well, guess what, the cause of polar vortex is the global warming! It started last winter, and I totally gave up wearing wool skirts. The weather forecast is predicting that the polar vortex will go well into March. Oh well, it’s Canada.

A few books from the library, with a cup of ginseng tea, and roast beef for dinner!

New Artwork

Ever since I read about Jessica Rae Sommers from AM Dolce Vita, one of the interior design bloggers I follow, I just couldn’t resist her portraits artwork. They are modern, expressive, with a hint of fashion illustration. Just simply beautiful! I appreciate those shading details so much because I know it takes years of practice to get them right…

It took me a while to decide which one to get, I finally decided on Wednesday, although I think her “Face for NYC” is far more famous. I gotta choose one that speaks to me, right? After a week of waiting, it came in a tube. The paper quality was good, and the artwork itself looks even more vivid than on my LCD monitor. I have this floating frame I bought from Black’s several years ago, and it’s been sitting around since I moved in because I couldn’t find a nice print/photo for it. Now, I think they look fantastic together.

The view out of my bedroom window on Sunday with gentle morning sun..

2015 Finished Handmade – 1

I just realized I didn’t write a single post about my finished knitting project last year. Well, it was kind of true, I was messing around with my sewing machine more last year. However, Canada’s winter is really the best time to go back to knitting.

Last weekend, I was doing some re-organizing of my yarn stash, looking at all my yarns hopelessly, hating how slow I knit. I only knit while I watch TV, maybe it means I watch much less TV now. But seriously, I need to knit faster, because I want to buy more yarn!

Merino Fingerless Glove
Remember this failed Henry scarf? I frogged it, skeined it, washed it, dried it, then re-winded it into cake — oh man, what a price (time and energy) to pay for the failure. I made a pair of fingerless gloves for my bf using the recycled yarn:

Pattern: Fingerless or Not Gloves by Paula McKeever
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Heritage Solids & Quatro Colors 75% Merino 25% Nylon (about 80 grams)
Needle: 2.25mm

Several projects on the needle:

Banana Leaf Shawl